Sunday, October 16, 2011

T minus 24 hours!

Sarah and I are leavin on a jet plane to Florida! I have never flown before so it's gonna be quite the experience;) it will be nice to arrive in 3 hours rather than the 24 it took us when we drove there;) We haven't been since the Christmas of 2006/new years 2007... Big plans to relax..... Drink a few margaritas.... Walk every morning..., and enjoy the sunshine!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Man its been a while again:(

Happy Fall of 2011 BTW:) I love this time of the year pretty much:) I love the leaves, I love the pumpkin stuff, I love the cool nights, I love wearing sweatshirts and jeans after a sweltering summer:) I dilike that winter is so close and the heating bills have already stared showing their pretty faces even though we have NOT used the heat and REFUSE to until November 1st has hit! LOL

Well I have been maintaining my weight at WW with my monthly maintenence weigh ins.....I have been cheating alot and not walking as much when the weather does not cooperate:( I know deep down in my mind that the gym attending days are creeping back up on me and I am NOT happy about that!:( I am going to set a goal that over the winter months I want to break the 160's and tour around in the 150 range:) I set my goal at WW high at 165# but I will change it when I see results.....It feels great when those size 10's fit perfectly and are starting to show sorts of looseness:) (Is that a word???:) and venturing towards that single digit # is starting to itch! lol So I am going to tone up and push past this 162 mark I haved been maintaining:)

In other news....Sarah and I have finally planned, a purchased plane tickets to Florida! Its been 4.5 years since we payed Barefoot Bay a visit and we're leavin on a jet plane bright and early 8am monday morning for 9 whole days!:) Super excited here! Later on!