Monday, March 28, 2011


After a short stint of not going to the gym between not feeling well and the weather being too nice to waste there.....I am going back at it strong today.....I have been juggling back and forth the same couple pounds and not losing weight like I had fully intended by now.....I am 4 pounds from goal weight and 9 from where I want to be:( Lets get this ball rollin!:)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here I come!:)

We are headed to the Bone Island grill tonight for the 80's night.....yea maybe these arent 80's clothes but I am DAMN proud to fit me in some skinny jeans and look good doing it! LOL
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New dose of shellac;)

Candy apple red baby!;)
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Friday, March 25, 2011


Nuff said! Right? Well this has been a super busy week and I am glad that its almost over.....I need a few days off to recoop.........My coffee maker broke and I wont have any coffee on the drive into work....This could be bad! God please get me through the next 8-9 hours and place me right back at home safely:) Off to embark on this day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shellac update!;)

Its been 10 days.....through grooming and riding horses.....pulling weeds and trimming brush....all that spring cleanup stuff! Still shining and no chips!;) Loik at the growth!;) Yupp! Im hooked..time to make an appt.....
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Friday, March 18, 2011

BUSY BUSY BUSY..........

I have been SO busy the past couple days doing some spring cleaning on the OUTSIDE of my house with the nice weather:) I havent really opted to exercise after raking, weed pulling, horseback riding, shrub trimming, etc.......I have been super tired at night and I think that I am for sure getting enough physical activity:)
I have seen many robins prancing around and I have also seen alot of new green popping up:) I am glad to see the warm up and I am hoping that its here to stay!

Sun? I love you!

Hows this for ambition????
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

You are my sunshine.....

This was my day yesterday.....and will be my day the next couple days! This warm weather has for sure given me an attitude adjustment:) Its the little things I live for!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New lashes!:)

After trying to push my lash fill out 3 weeks instead of 2 I am SOOOO happy to have y nice, thick, full lashes back!:) So addicting my friends!:)
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Monday, March 14, 2011

First dogwalk of 2011

Cant wait for the green up!;) Took the doggies on a MUCH needed walk this afternoon, The sun was shining, although the air was brisk it defineately brightened my spirits and pooped my babies out!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Lazy like a Sunday afternoon....

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of GO GO GO......So I am officially spending the REST of this sunday making tacos and relaxing.....I attended the gym this morning feeling guilty for the past 4 days of NOTHING but cheating and ZERO activity:( Ugh.....WW Weigh in is NOT going to be good this week! So heres to a better week!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shellac Nails!

Chads mom Sally and I attended the womens expo in Jackson today....what a great time! I got a shellac treatment done to my nails.....they had a $20 special for the expo....regular price $38 at my salon......hmmmmmThis was out fo a little salon in Addison......I may be making a few trips there for $18 cheaper than in town here! This stuff is AMAZING! It basically turns your natural nails into the strength of acrylic nails and is guaranteed not to ship, peel or lose its shine for 14 days..... Perfect for me who has to repaint my nails every day cause I wash my hands so much that they peel and chip:) I also go me some more Miche shells for my purse:) Its like a brand new purse all over again.........
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ugh! Look what I came across!!1

Ugh! This was me roughly around my highest weight! EWWWWW I was about #237 here............How discusting!

New Glasses!

Went to the eye docs today...Its been roughly 2.5 years since my last check and I was running low on contacts so I went.....Plus I wanted some new glasses, the last time I went I only go contacts so my glasses script is not what I basically when the contacts come out of my eyes at night I am done....Must sleep! So I got me some nice Coach frames that thankfully my insurance covered completely!:)


Yes I admit it.....I have it! BAD! So I guess if this above picture is what spring is looking like for me right now, then I will take it! Over the snow and cold I will just about take anything at this point......I am SO burnt out on winter, I am not a huge fan anyways but this winter seems like it has just DRUG on and on and on.....I have been out looking for signs weather permitting and I planted a few baby trees last spring and I see some very small baby buds:) I hope its a sign!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Must I have SUCH an addictive personality???? I have always had this feature.....I find something I like or something when I am seeing progress and I obsess over it! Thank goodness I have never liked drinking or smoking or NOTHING would stop me! LOL I am finding myself addicted to the gym.....Experts say that once you do something for 2 solid weeks it becomes routine....Well I really truely dread going there everyday, but I missed about 4 days due to this sickness that has been overwhelming my body and I felt guilty! So I forced myself back today and I feel great! Stuffed up in the nose but excellent because I feel accomplished! YAY ME!:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Very Discouraging.....

I have been battling this plague that I received from my ever so nice patients at work.....Sometimes I feel like I am working with a bunch of pre school children.....How many times do I have to tell your 80 year old ass to COVER YOUR DAMN MOUTH! When your hacking up a lung into my face??? And it only seems to happen when I am in a 4 foot radius and am performing some task that requires me to be that close??? I could own the Purell company......As healthy and disinfective I can be my body finally decided to succumb to the grips of your Mr walking death! Grrrrrr I cant wait till warm weather so I can open up the hatches and let this germ out that has been doing laps around work like its the Daytona 500......I lose time at work cause they send me home with a temp, I lose time at the gym.....I FAIL to lose that much needed 0.2 of a pound that I need on tuesdays WW weigh in.....I am SOOO close to goal right now I could puke! Well 10 pounds from victory and 5 pounds from WW goal.......It may not seem like much to you but I bet ya it takes me 6 more months to reach.......So here is my 4 am....cause I cant sleep anymore cause my nose is stuffy and my head aches......So back to the gates of hell I go today.....Maybe I can be the one who shares this crap back with those who so nicely shared it with me!:)

Friday, March 4, 2011

New do!;)

Welll new color;) these are my natural curls.....its nice to be able to change things up a bit....
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Well I think this is......

SCALE VICTORY! I have been throwing around the idea of going clothes shopping...jeans rather.......But I have been holing off due to the fact that I would like to lose at least 10.....maybe 15 more I have these Silver jeans that I bought that year when they were on super sale at Christmas time....I have been wearing them but they have been the type you hang to dry of you wont squeeze your ass into them kinda jeans......Well Chad so nicely decided to do the laundry and dried them completely!!!! So I grabbed them outta the closet today....took a deep breath and was surprised by the fact that they slid right on! No struggle! YAY! So I thought that this may warrant some spring clothes shopping at AE online......size 10's baby! Headed this girls way!:) Jeans I will wait until I am at goal weight as I will wear them closer to winter......

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day # 2........

Of feeling like complete shittiness! Ugh! I am SOOOO ready for the warm weather to get here so I can open the damn windows and air this cold/flu shit that just runs in circles all winter long:( Once again it makes me take 3 steps back when I had just achieved running for a distance......I hope to maybe get back to the gym over the weekend after I get out of work.......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sick.....bored......painted my nails with the new OPI Katy Perry nail polish! Totally cool and totally 80's!;)
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