Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey guys! Im here!;)

I am here....I really am! LOL I know it has been a terrible long time again since my last post but time and issues have not been kind to me lately so I have had no ambition:( So I can finally say that things are kinda looking that haircut that is perfect finally....Its been a LONG time comin! I havent been happy with the cut in a very terrible long time! The color?! I have always loved the color but I dare to be different:) lol
Christmas 2011......Hmmm where do I start???? I decided to try to turn over a new leaf with Christmas this year and focus on the reason for the list can go on and on but those are the ones that are most vivid in my mind. I can say that moving out of the "miserable" attitude of Christmas has defineately made my days more bearable:) We put our tree up this year, we have our stocking hung by the fireplace with care:), and we have proudly been watching Christmas movies most nights before drifting off to sleep:)
In other news.....WORK WORK WORK......Thats all I feel that I do these days....I am getting excited to hopefully get the RN position that I applied for at work to be on the newly designed locked down Alzheimers/Dementis Unit! I NEED a change and a change bad! Before I need Prozac! LOL
So meanwhile with the diet! Awesome! I have maintained my goal weight or under for 5 months now....with lotsa cheating along the way! Thats what I wanted, I want to be able to splurge once in a while and still have the knowledge and willpower to revert back to WW.....I cancelled my Planet Fitness membership that I paid to all summer and didnt use and Chad and I have been working out at the local high school at least 3-4 times a week to maintain....I hate winter!