Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lets try this ONE more time!

Ok so it has been a real long while and I am back at it again.........I have been stressing with nursing school and just grabbing and eating whatever I grab to eat......hence I qweighed in at 176 today and I am NOT happy about this number at all! My goal for this month that I am on break is to lose at least those 6-7 pounds and get to a 170 range again........then maintain till may when I can go hardcore again once I graduate.........This blog is merely for me and my tracking of my success and failures:(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am back and ready for more!

I know that this is a little late but nursing school, work and trying to maintain SOME sort of social life has me strapped! I weighed in this week at 166.8 but its NOT because I have been OP...........But I put my damn foot down and I am back on the wagon and NOTHING is gonna slow me down! I HAVE TO GET THIS LAST 6 POUNDS OFF! I am setting my goal this week to walk EVERY day! So far day #2.........Success!

Monday, June 1, 2009

SOMEONE PLEASE help me! Ugh!

Ok so I dont know what has happened with me and my diet but every monday I say I am back at it and then by every wednesday damn near I have fallen BACK off the wagon! Ugh! I am SO frusterated as I was doing SO good at one point in my journey.......I havent weighed yet today but I am sure the results are NOT good! SO once again I am back and we need the support that we had for each other in the beginning! hahha

Monday, May 25, 2009

Its better than nothing at all....

So I weighed in at 168.4....still a gain from 2 weeks prior but its a 2 pound loss from last week...... I HAVE to stick to this diet! And I AHEV to get walking! I am sabotaging myself! Ugh!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I have a NSV!

So something possessed me to go shopping for some summer clothes last weekend........the beginning of my TOM......SO needless to say I bought $170 worth of American Eagle Capris and shirts and NEVER tried a single one on until today when I had tofind something to wear on a 85 degree day and when I had to have the hair done.........So I bought size 10's because the 12's are R-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S after 10 minutes of wear and stretch........so I went out on a limb and THEY FIT! And they fit GOOD! no bunching or tightness........just beautiful:) So I wanted to throw that out there maining for myself as I have been doing HORRIBLY on this diet thing.......Ugh! But here is some pics from riding on tuesday that I may add I am tooting my own horn but I look rather thin in! I would like to see you guys have some pics added and hear about your NSV!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So far so good.....

Well I am down 2 days and SO far so good on this diet journey that I have hopped back onto........2 days of walking and eating right so far.......Lets see what next monday brings:)

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am a little down today, I am back up to 170! But its TOM and I have followed the plan strict on over 2 weeks...........I am vowing to follow like there is no tomorrow starting today, I NEED to get back walking, I have become VERY lazy over the past 2-3 weeks also.........I will start by walking at work tonight for my mile and see about tomorrow walking with Sarah before Lacy and I go riding all day........Ugh! Anyone else having the same problems as me???? Lets do this guys!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ugh........Lets get this party started!

Ok so I forgot to weigh myself before getting in the shower today and I refuse to weigh once my hair is wet weighing me down, official weigh in results will follow tomorrow.....I have to get back on the walking wagon..........walked today for 30 minutes and Sarah and I are walking tomorrow morning for our hour for the first time in at least a month! Yay!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Life in the fast lane!

So Weigh in today was 166.4, thats a pound down from last week so I am very happy:) The thing I am NOT happy about is the fact that I cant get back into tracking my food! I have NO appetite and I am starving the pounds off.........Whatever works I guess, I am gonna try harder this week and try to get some more walks in too:) Good Luck!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle....And I'm holding the reins!

So spring is FINALLY in full swing and I am trying to enjoy everyday activities when I am not tied down to work or school.....Still patiently awaiting the results of the selection process of the Fall 2009 Transition RN program......starts on May 18th......I hate this last minute shit!

On the diet front I am really "Back in the saddle and holding the reins"......After about a month of a "slum" so to say I broke down and hopped back on the diet bandwagon and weighed in at 167.4 this week! Thats a .6 loss since last week and a total of an 8.4 or something loss since joining WW online back in January.....Doesnt that sound pretty crappy????!!!! I think so! But people are constantly commenting on me "Getting TOO skinny" at work and everywhere! FUCK THEM! Especially when it comes from someone who has NEVER been fat in their whole entire life.....I just wish for once they would have to feel what us "Fat girls" feel on a daily basis!!! hahah

So I am going to try to get some walking back in on a daily basis......The wind and the rain that we have been having is REALLY deterring me from any form of exercise, Rj was even laid off last week and I only got like 4 walks in due to the weather and my busy schedule........Ugh! Good luck ladies! Lets get back at this together!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I am doing HORRIBLE on this diet thing! I need you Sarah! hehe Cant wait till you get some time to walk again:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I think I have hit a.........PLATEAU!

Ok so I have lost .2 pounds that I had gained last week but I am right back at 168...........I am really going to try to kick this diet in the ass and get back on the wagon, even though I have been following the diet I have been taking bites here and there and "cheating" so to say and not tracking each and every bite......I havent been walking much due to the weather and the lack of moitivation (Its is SO hard to make yourself walk by your lonesome!) So Rj is laid off this week and I am forcing him to walk with me on the days that the weather hasnt ruined like today......So I am gonna knock everyones socks off with next weeks weigh in! hahah Good luck to all! Lets get back at this!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Someone explain to me how I can weigh in this afternoon at 167 again and this was after I had eaten already????!!! I seriously think my body fucks me every monday morning........... Until next time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ugh......HIGHLY disappointed!

Yea so I weighed in at 168.2......Thats a .2 pound gain from last week and a 1.2 pound gain from the week before.....I know you say that doesnt sound like much but I have tried HARD this week to bounce back to 167.......I have walked everyday but I didnt truly get back OP until Wednesday of last week....It could be numerous things:
- I had a hard time getting back OP from the weekend vacation
-TOM will ONCE AGAIN be next week sometime
-The mindless bites here and there yesterday at work of the Easter festivities
-The lack of walk this morning before weighin as I always walk before weighing
-The homemade cup and a half of broccoli soup at work yesterday..........

So I guess when I look at it like that I am happy with just a .2 pound gain........I am gonna make sure I have a loss this coming week! TOM or not! I am starting to feel like giving up again and its TOTALLY rediculous!

I am getting groceries after work tonight and I am gonna make sure I get LOTS of fruits and veggies, and when I goto Panera after getting my hair done on thurs I am gonna get the lowfat chicken noodle soup! heheh

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy weight.......

I found a thing on Self's website that asks you a couple questions about yourself and then calculates your "Happy Weight" Just google "HAppy Weight calculator" and then do the quiz to find your happy weight! Mine is 154!! I want to be at 155! Tell me youres:)

I'm Scared....

I have been doing really good since wednesday walking and staying OP.....I managed to acquire 17 AP's since wednesday.....but I am SO scared that I am going to have a gain tomorrow when I weigh in.......I seriously have drank a gallon of Sugar Free Sweet tea from Walmart so I am praying that will work as a diuretic and send the scales dipping! hahah Good luck you guys with weigh in tomorrow and I am thinking skinny thoughts and sending skinny vibes!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let the sun shine in!

I have been back on the walking/diet bandwagon officially since wednesday, I am a little nervous about mondays weigh in but I will rely on my walking and my drinking a gallon of water each day to pull me through....I am GLAD that I have to work all weekend so I dont have no Easter dinner anywhere!!! hahha

Back to school on Tuesday......4 more weeks of the BS class......still waiting to see if I get back into hell like Sarah......they better mail out the letters as the transition starts on May 18th.....Damn KCC!
Ok off for my daily walk:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sunshine!

This post is TOTALLY not diet related (NDR) but I had to post what I did today.....I did manage to go on a 3 mile walk with Rj kicking and screaming the WHOLE way! heheh
I am becoming addicted to taking pictures:)

Ok so I have tons of more pictures but I have chosen to not bore you will them:) Happy Easter! Dont eat too much ham!haha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am determined that I am back on the beaten path.....

Ugh! Can anyone tell me WHY it is SO hard to get back on track after a small vacation????? I have been SO bad the past 5 days!! I weighed myself today and THANK GOD the scale is NOT showing how bad I have been! I am officially back on track today counting my points and getting a walk in everyday......I cant wait to have some Sarah time walking!

Monday, April 6, 2009

If it takes drowning in water and starving myself......

Than SO BE IT! hahah So I had a wonderful weekend full of horses and FOOD! A fat girls dream.........But I had to buckle down last night so I could have a decent weigh in.....I knew I would gain but I didnt want to set myself back that much so I weighed in at 168! So I gained a pound from last week, I will take that with all the delicious food that I got to digest:)
So tonight since the power was out we are headed in to get groceries and get something to eat.....I napped all day so I never got to take anything out......But it will be the only thing that I have had to eat all day too so I MUST indulge!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I feel SO guilty!

Ok so I KNOW that I am going to have some sort of gain with my delicious weekend that I just endured.....Panera.....Olive Garden......OCB's.......Dunkin Donuts.......And McD's for breakfast........It was SO worth it at the time but now I feel like a slob! I weighed myself last night and I was up 6 damn pounds! I am steadily drinking my gallons of water hoping for maybe just a 3-4 pounds gain.....I will be right back on track for the following week though!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools! And I feel like one!!

Ugh! I am having the hardest time with getting my walking in without Sarah, I just cant push myself as hard and as far without the motivation of my dear friend.....hahah This weather does not help me much either when the sun does not shine or better yet when it does its windy as fuck and you eat every piece of hair on your head! I am bitter at the moment and kinda feeling a little down in the dumps lately.......This weekend is going to be bad with the horrible eating that I may endure....I am actually trying to think of ways to eat healthy while on the road.......Wish me luck! Mondays weigh in may not be pleasent!

Monday, March 30, 2009

This week and Month of March total stats!

Began WW 1/11/09: 181 pounds
Beginning of March: 170.4 pounds
Todays weigh in and end of March: 167 pounds
Goal: 160 pounds
Weight loss total= 14 pounds!!!

I weighed in after a week of TOM, late night bingeing, and lack of wanting to track my points at a whopping 167! I am at my lowest weight yet! I seen 167 once in the summer of 2006 but it was ONLY for a brief moment in time.......I know this success HAS to be from Sarah and I walking so much last week and me not seeing much result last week due to TOM. I dont know if I will have as much success next monday after being out of town this coming weekend and eating out all the time, I am going to try hard to behave and get a couple walks in this week before I go and blow it this weekend:)

My super Diet success secrets:
-Drink GALLONS and GALLONS of water!
-My new Reebok Easytones

Good luck guys!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am really really tired of this weather.....we get a nice day and then we get a cold day.........all have wind related! I just want a nice sunny day with NO WIND! Ok I have managed to walk or ride my bike everyday this week, of course this is officially the TOM week and I have been drinking the hell outta water, I weighed myself and I am up one pound from last week mondays weigh in. I am also doing bad with staying within my points the last couple weeks.........I am getting in that mindset that as long as I walk I can eat whatever!PLEASE help me outta this! hahha I am starting today being very good so I can have a good weigh in on monday! Good luck you all!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Battling the Bloat!

I weighed in at 168.2 this week, just a 1 pound loss from last week, but I cheated BAD this past weekend and I expected a gain........The only thing that pulled me outta it was a gallon of water last night, an hour walk last night and a 50 minute walk before weighing in! hahah Oh I went to Panera Bread for the first time this weekend and its DIVINE! I cant wait to go back and treat myself again:) hehe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kinda Nervous About Weigh In......

Yea so I wasnt so good this weekend and I never am when I have the weekend off......its inevitable:( But I did figure since Sarah and I did SO well this week walking like crazy people that it may outweigh......Pray for me to at least stay the same for yet ANOTHER week.....Speaking of walking my back has been KILLING me again, so I set out on a journey to find the PERFECT walking shoe (I read somewhere that walking in a shoe that is not intended for walking will cause backaches) So I find this Pair at Lady Foot Locker that are Reeboks and they are called "Easy Tone"......Designed to give you the " I have been at the gym all day" feeling and tone your butt, thighs and calves 90% better than a regular walking shoe......When I tried them on it was like walking on a pillow top mattress....So I buy them and Rj and I go for an hour walk and my legs are SO sore! hahha But these are BY FAR the most comfy shoes....But pure white so hopefully I can keep them clean:) Ok Off to make something for supper.........

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice weather feels great!

I have managed to walk EVERY day this week......3 times so far with Sarah and the dogs for our hour! We plan on walking tomorrow too once Sarah gets outta class.........
I hopped on the scale before my shower this afternoon and I am down a pound since weigh in......And this was a reading after breakfast and water, and less than a week Pre-TOM! hahah I hope I can behave this coming weekend off and have a little loss at weigh in, I wasnt feeling very motivated the first 2 days of the week........I have to get back in the mindset and the swing of things!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Well......Its better than gaining...

I stayed the same this week, I am 169.2........Which isnt too bad for not tracking at all last week, a trip to OCB, A trip to Cici'c pizza, and a cookout with burgers and chips yesterday.....I am back on track as of today and I WILL have a loss next week! Good luck you guys!

I swear under oath........

That I am back on the diet strickly as of monday! I have been SO bad! I weighed myslef 2 seconds before writing this and I am up a pound from last week and I hope after my walk and my morning poo I will at least be the same as last week:) Wish me luck! To be continued.........

Friday, March 13, 2009

I have been SO bad!

Being sick with this funk that has been going around I have NO appetite! NONE WHATSOEVER! So..........I havent been tracking on the homefront.....I weighed myself fully clothed and I was 168 so I know I am going to be at a loss from lack thereof eating but am I slipping since I havent been tracking what I do eat?! I am beginning to feel a little guilty in fear that I may be slipping..........

On another note I have found that pair of jeans that fit just right.....In size 12's.......Less than 3 weeks ago I could barely get these jeans buttoned and when I did I could not bend the legs AT ALL..........so I thought today, lets see what we have here.....and WA-LA! They fit! So now I am working on that size 10! hahah But some of my jeans that are 12's I can slide right off without unbuttoning.......Hmmmm funny how things work like that.....I hate being a woman!

Got my hair trimmed up today.....I swear I am OBSESSED! I cant stand for any little bit of length! Here it is:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AMAZING Diet Food Discovery!

Well I made the most AMAZING discovery in diet breakfast! These Jumbo Rice Crispies are amazing! Only 90 calories, 0 fat and 3 fiber in a WHOLE cup! Thats 1 point folks! So I eat 2 WHOLE cups for just 3 points! The texture is different but nothing that you cant get used to! Try them out!

Cabin Fever....

Ok! Its official! I feel better! So now.......I have the most horrible case of cabin fever! I know this because I cant wait to get back to work tomorrow and I am kinda glad I have class tonight.......This is a once in a lifetime thing and I will never admit such horrible things again.....so take this and RUN WITH IT! hahha I am kinda sad that its rainy and nasty and I cant go for a walk.........I have been so lazy and I want to get right back on track, but I also dont want to flare up this sickness again.... Until next time

Monday, March 9, 2009

Through all this sickness....

I managed a loss! I know it would have been much more than a 1.2 pound loss if I hadnt aquired this damn cold, I would have continuded to walk the rest of the week, I would have continued to track my food instead of just eating on stuff that sounds good........blah....blah.....blah..............So I weighed in today at 169.2! I was shooting for the 160's and I hit them! YAY ME! Saddens me because I was at 167 something earlier last week when I was being active and such, but this way I will be less likely to gain it back when I get to feeling better.........So Congrats all on your losses or your no gains!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maybe I am feeling a little better today.....

I kinda think that I do feel a little better today....I am throwing around the idea whether or not I will go into work tomorrow or not......I cant imagine ANOTHER day of sitting in this house, cabin fever is REALLY setting in.....I still have a cough but not as frequent as it was......No more blood.....but the goobers are still a comin and they are still infection yellow........hahha I know TMI! So friday when I did call in I HAD to maek something of that 70 degree day and I decided to take the baby out for a walk.......I look like a slob and so does he so bare with us!:)

On another note I did get the Blackberry that I have been wanting and I LOVE IT! I can access WW online and everything! NOTHING can stop me now! hahha

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little Under the Weather.....

Ugh! What a PERFECT time for me to be not feeling well.......I havent had an appetite so my weight loss should fare well this coming monday on weigh in but I have not drank hardly ANY water! I know! I am SO bad! I am trying to force some down right now....I know it will make me feel LOTS better and flush this sickness out.........I feel ok actually besides having no voice, my throat feeling so bad I think it should bleed and the horrible cough that brings up the nice little balls of slimy green goobers........I hope I can get better and get back on track come monday........Pray for me people!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OMFG! Tooting my own horn again!

So I get home from class last night with a scratchy throat from my time spent outside in subzero weather......I dose myself up with nyquil and head off to bed, I MAKE myself sleep in hoping to feel better......I finally get up around 930 and still feel like shit! My equilibrium feels like its way off and I just feel overall shitty..........so I pop me a Zicam and I slightly feel better......

I go to take a nice hot bath before work and I just jump right on the scale out of curiosity.......it said 167.8!!!!!! Can you fucking believe that?! Can I hold that till next monday?! Probably not but I have for the 2nd time in my life seen 167........lets see if I can go lower this time around.....I have since switched my overall goal weight to 160 even........5 pounds lower than original goal.......... I know it was our walk yesterday Sarah! Maybe we can walk tomorrow????

Monday, March 2, 2009

The results are in!

Well after drowning myself in gallons of water last night, not walking at all because it was WAY too cold and the wind was blowing WAY too hard.........I weighed in with a .6 pound weight loss! I am at 170.4 now.............Just teetering that 160's mark! I am SO pissy about that..........why is it SO hard for my body to let me outta the 170's!? I couldnt do it the summer of 2006 either! Ugh! I am setting my goal for it for next week though for sure! I know I have said that the past 2 weeks but I am trying again..........I have been following exatctly OP and I am not lying to you when I say that I have 2 FULL boxes of 4 cadbury eggs that have been sitting on my counter since friday........patiently awaiting today when I can have one for success:)

Supposed to be in the 50's here in Michigan by mid week and weekend so hopefully Sarah and I can get a couple walks in out systems.........

Congrats to all this week! Keep up the good work!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Right down to the wire.....

Well tomorrow is weigh in and I dont think that I will see the 160's this week as well.........I weighed myself yesterday and I seem to be staying the same with TOM and all.....I seem to be staying the same weight as last week:( Well I guess its better than a gain but I have been walking my ass off! Ugh! Tomorrow I will post results!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I NEED a vacation......

SO BAD! I am on severe burnout mode at work and with school.........I know I know.....How can one be burnt out with one stupid Art elective class??? Well when you have been going to college for a total of 10 damn years and you are still going.........it gets sickening! hahah

On another note I am pushing through TOM and hopefully will come out on top come monday.........weigh in day..........I have been walking every day by myself.....which BTW Sarah gets PRETTY boring................SO GET BETTER! haha I am beginning to feel like I need to up my distance because I dont feel like I am getting the results from walking that I was in the beginning.........Maybe its all mental:) I hope that I hit the 160's this coming week as much as I have been trying to stay OP with this diet...........walkiing away from every cadbury creme egg that I see! hahah

OK off for a walk for the day.........good luck you guys!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little irritated...

Ok guys......for some reason when I goto post comments on your blogs it is not allowing me to.........it pops up with that spammer word thing and then the word never shows up so therefore I cannot post my comments! UGH! SO go to your settings and turn the spammer word off! hahah I think I have mine off, do you guys have to type a weird word in when you post comments back to mine?????

BTW.............I CANNOT believe that cadbury creme eggs are only 3 points!!!! This whole time I have been counting them as 4!!!! I havent seen the boxes of 4 yet.....does meijer have them now Sarah?

Amanda.....I LOVE that Fiber one cereal! I have it with Vanilla light soymilk though so maybe that is the difference.........But I have bought a box like 3 times now! VERY filling!

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weeks results and delicious grocery store finds!

Ok so you all know that I planned myself a cheat day on saterday, I didnt go too overboard but when I weighed myself yesterday I was at 174.4!!!! hahaha.......A 3 POUND GAIN! ugh! SO I pushed and pushed the water yesterday drinking a grand total of a gallon and a half to flush the fat back out and I weigh in with the results of 171 flat! Thats a .2 of a pound loss from last week! Plus I am due to start TOM any day now........so I think its pretty good:) I will shoot for the 160's range by next week! 169.9 here I come!!! hahah I forced myself out in the early morning hours today to do my 30 minute walk for the day and I plan on making myself walk on first break at work today too.........I am officially addicted again!

I went grocery shopping yesterday when Rj was off and could help me carry them damn groceries in and found 2 amazing delicious finds.......#1 being the new banana nut cheerios! GOOD LORD! They are to DIE for! And you can have 3/4 a cup for 2 points! But I double it up and have a cup and half for 4 points! YUMMY!...........Then the makers of Fig Newtons have these things called fruit crisps that are 2 points for a pack.......I got apple cinnamon and they tasted like a McDonalds apple pie to me! Yummy! Oh yea I forgot one more.......I got Chocolate covered frozen bananas and they are 3 points and SUPER good! Try em guys! You WONT be dissapointed!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I tagged yesterday as my offical "cheat day" since I have been on WW for 7 weeks now and havent actually tagged one of those yet, Although I didnt cheat all that bad focusing on salad bar and chicken breast but I did have some dessert:) So I weighed myself this morning outta curiosity since tomorrow is weigh in and I am up 2.5 pounds from last week! OOPS!!!!:( So I am attempting for a rebound today as I drink gallon after gallon of water........heheh

I bought another food steamer today as the last one I had took a shit...........I love steamed food and its SO much better for you..........

I walked everyday last week at work only missing one day because it was super cold, so I want to keep up that average and maybe get a couple 3 milers in with Sarah and the doggies.........I am off tuesday and Thursday this week Sarah! And I can walk anyday before work too.........just let me know when you and your pancreas are feeling up to it.........hahah

On another note my size 12 jeans are fitting rather nicely........almost to baggy these days........and I think I have decided on my next tattoo adventure:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I might be in trouble.....

I am embarking on TOM again.....in less than 7 days..........I know it seems like I just had this issue but I am like clockwork..........Ugh! I wanted to hit the 160's this coming weigh in........Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We WILL.... walk our way to the thinner side!

Sarah and I have been a roll! It almost feels like the summer of 2006 again, only WAY earlier! If we keep this up we will for sure be at goal weight by late summer! It feels SO good:) We are gonna shoot for another hour walk tomorrow before work, lets hope the weather holds out!:)

Monday, February 16, 2009


ALL this walking is working like a charm! I weighed in at 171.2! Thats a 2.4 pound weight loss just from last week! Its ALL because of the walking.........I know it is! Sarah lets lace up our walking shoes and prep on our 3 miler for our lake walk! I feel SO good about myself but at the same time I am a little frusterated as I just bought 2 pairs of size 12 American Eagle jeans a couple weeks ago because they had all their jeans for $30, and guess what........I can slide the fuckers off without even unbuttoning them! So when you see me and it looks like I shit my pants.....This is why and I refuse to buy more smaller jeans just yet:)

Hope everyone else is doing good with their weigh in today........please post your success!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Small update.....

Well I am on break at work so I thought that I would update a little.......I have been SO good this week and SO OP! I have walked everyday whether it be with Sarah on our 3 miler of my 1 miler on first break at work.....I am SO addicted to walking again! I feel great:) Being addicted to walking also makes me stick to the diet better too:)

They are ordering Jets BBQ Chicken Pizza tonight at work and if you have never experienced this pizza before....YOU HAVE TO!.........TO DIE FOR! So I am SO proud that I turned that down because I looked it up on WW online and its 8 points a piece!

Ok I have to get back to working, I am hoping to see the 160's again by possibly next week!:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Tattoo!

Got my tatto that I have been waiting for for at least 2 years, it seriously too 3 WHOLE minutes! hahah On a good not that SI diet related.....I didnt eat much today just the good ole turkey sub from subway and a fiber one blueberry poptart (which might I add....tasted like plastic! NOt a huge fan here)....Now I have plans to go back and get the butterfly recolored and touches up and then some barbed wire around my horse......... I am addicted again:) Whose up for some tattoos??? hahah

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Damn this Rain and Damn this wasted day!

Yea thats right! Sarah and I had our walking plans cancelled this morning by some damn rain drops........If it were June/July we would have walked anyways, but something about walking in the beginning of February in the rain makes me cringe! So we plan on walking tomorrow for sure(weather permitting) once again..........supposed to be only 37 degrees and rain/snow mix...........Ugh! I guess we have to go back to winter again..........

On another note I always hang my jeans up to dry instead of drying them in the dryer because they shrink so bad when dried.........I wore a pair of jeans that I JUST bought last night to class and guess what?! I looked like I had a load of shit in my pants they were SO baggy! I guess I will start drying them to hopefully bring them down a couple inches! hahah Too bad I just spend $100 more dollars on clothes that are gonna be baggy! Ugh! The only thing I hate about losing weight is looking shitty in clothes and having to spend money on more!

I dont really care about going down a sizein jeans really.........I just want that pair that fits Just right! hahhaha Thats my goal!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shooting for that" Pair of Jeans that fits JUST right!"

Ahhhhhh WHAT a beautiful gorgeous day! I opened the windows and have been breathing in the freshness since 8:30a! Sarah and I went for a whole hour walk this morning with the puppies......GREAT feeling of accomplishment..........we lost the 25 pounds that one summer by the end of August and we started walking in May.....if we keep this up we will be skinny bitches by June! hahah We are walking again tomorrow (weather permitting) But we have walked in tornadoes before, not much will stop us once we get the mindset:)

On another note I ordered a bathing suit from American Eagle that I am shooting to look good in! I get nervous that the bathing suits come out SO early and I feel as though I HAVE to buy one or my choices will be slim to none when the actual bathing suit season gets under way......

Ok that is all for now I am going to go start some supper before heading to class.........

Monday, February 9, 2009

How disappointing.......

Can I make my weigh in day tuesday this week? hahha Damn that Applebee's on Saterday and Damn Old country Buffet on Sunday! I am the exact same weight as I was last week......173..........I was 171.something a couple days ago.......I walked for my 30 minutes today and Sarah and I plan on walking a couple times this week for the 3 mile........Next monday should be good at least:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Expecting results this week.....

Well tomorrow is the offical weigh in but I could not stand it and weighed myself this morning when I got up..........Looks like I was is the high 171 range so at least a pound of a loss from last week, I would be happy with that..........I have been walking my ass off....sometimes twice a day before work and at work.........Sarah and I went for a 3 mile walk yesterday around the town of Concord, JUST like old times, we are planning for a couple more this week as it is going to be real nice for February........The walking motivates me ALOT.......Hope for the best for all of you and myself for weigh in tomorrow:)

Friday, February 6, 2009

The AMAZING taco Soup.....

Its been couple days since I made it but I am still relishing in the left overs and I think its SO funny cause I am stinking Rj right outta the bed! hahahha I love every minute of it!

In other news I got my hair cut and colored today.....I keep going shorter and shorter..........one of these days I am going to be bald! But it just grows SO fast that I try to make it last:) She made me more blonde today too........VERY BRIGHT! Dont mind me in the picture, I am in my pjs:)

Thats all for now, I am making Rj go for a walk with me before I goto work tomorrow.......gonna be a heat wave!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am going to toot my horn!

I walked another 30 minutes this morning before showering and egtting ready to go get groceries.........I felt so guilty about not walking yesterday before work that I went out and walked on 1st break a WHOLE mile! hahah Took me 20 or so minutes.....I am starting to feel the walking addiction and feel guilty not doing so........this is a good thing:) I wanted to make sure that I got 4 walks in this week and I have 2 down and 2 more to go!

I made some yummy taco soup with every veggie that you can imagine! hahah Its super good! I will prepare for the horrible gas and bloating!

Supposed to be in the mid 40's this coming friday and the weekend..........I will for sure have to get some walking in!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Yummy diet idea...

Anyone like those powdered low calorie mixes that you put into water to flavor them? Anyone like grape juice? I found some at Walmart made by Welches, the actually juice company that are grape, black cherry and grape, and grape and pomegranite...........I have the cherry-grape and it tastes just like juice! I LOVE IT! 0 points up until 2 of them as they are 10 calories per sleeve........On the 3rd one it starts counting points.........

Ahhhh.........RESULTS finally!

What a relief for me this week! After 2 weeks of not losing and gaining it feels good to be 173 this week........which is a 5 pound weight loss from last week!:) I love the weeks after the TOM...........makes me feel SO sucessful! I used ALL my extra points this week too and I never do that and I feel like I cheated a little bit too.......I ate an entire 20 ounce cup of vanilla pudding with 4 oreo cookies broken up and mixed into it on saterday night at work..........I couldnt resist and it was SO good!:) Just imagine what my results would be if I didnt do that:)

The other thing that I changed this past week was walking.........I walked a total of 3 times at 30 minutes each in the bitter cold........I swear it makes a difference....My goal this week is to stay OP and walk 4 times..........I skipped today so tomorrow I will be ready!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I did it again....

I went for ANOTHER 30 minute walk today down the road in the better cold..........I drug Rj with me this time:) And of course the doggies:) Its not even cold once you get out there but I of course would not go for much more that 30 minutes......I am gonna shoot to walk before work all weekend its supposed to be up in the high 30's with possible rain?????!!! WTF?

On another note...........we hooked the Wii up to the internet and its pretty damn cool! You can play games from other NIntendo game systems:) Also we bought a new game.....are you smarter than a 5th grader.......talk about depressing to the fact that I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader on most questions! hahha

Thursday, January 29, 2009

OK.........I caved:)

And had me a Cadbury Creme Egg! And it was SO worth it, it wasnt really cheating since it came outta my weekly points and I feed real good about that:) I also just bought a single one at Walmart and didnt get a 4 pack.....I didnt want to sabotage myself:)hahah They are good stock this year.......nice and gooey! hahah

Another addiction I have found: Vanilla flavored coffee with 2 single creamers.....and splenda......only 2 points! Yay me! Now my teeth are gonna get all stained and yellow:(

You wouldn't BELIEVE it if I told you!

I went for a walk! For 30 minutes up the road in the cold arctic air.........hahaha I was sweating like a whore in church with all the layers I had on! I took Sadie and Timbur in their littlke sweaters and Sadie is SO fat she couldnt hang! I had to carry her for a bit...........LAZY ASS DOG! I am gonna get on the Wii in a bit just to at least weigh in.........its my secret way of "not" weighing myself everyday, as long as Mii tells me I made some improvement from the day before......

Neat-o Diet site!

At www.neversaydiet.com.........Its super cool! You can calculate activities and caloried burned......also if you are having a craving you put it in and it will tell you what to substitute that craving with........Check it out! Its a keeper!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yummy ideas for my fellow dieters....

I bought some of that Dannon Activia with the fiber in it at Meijers yesterday, I got the Vanilla and cereal and the Strawberry and cereal ones and they are DELICIOUS! They are the smaller containers and they are 2 points a piece but they are SO yummy and filling too! Also I found 100 calorie cheesecake bars that were in the cereal isle by the granola bars that are Superb! Anyone out there find anything recently that are to die for yet low in points????

Contemplating a goal for tomorrow....

I have tomorrow off and the temp high is stating that it may get up to 25 degrees........I am thinking that I may force myself out into the cold and go for a short walk of at least a mile.......Even if it is just down to the neighboring road its something right?! Its better that sitting here and looking at my Wii! hahah We will see what tomorrow will bring be ambition wise:)

I just wanted to add this for Sarah and I to get motivated........Sisty Burdane! Summer of skinniness 2006!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SO stressed out in this diet world.....

The cadbury eggs being in existance COMPLETELY sent me over the edge in this diet hell! I want one SO bad! Its SO hard to resist that sugary no nutritional value little suckers! hahah

Onto good news.........well good news I hope:) After my weekend of buffet cheating I have been right back on track with week #3 since monday and I can tell! I have been shitting my brains out with all the veggies and fiber getting back into my system! hahah I want to weigh myself but I think that weighing myself everyday was what was discouraging me........I was seeing loss on some days and then when I would get to the actual weigh day I was not any lower..........My goal for this week: TO NOT WEIGH MYSELF UNTIL MONDAY! And to stay OP of course:)

I am jumping back on the Wii tomorrow before work too.....HOw lazy can one be when youhave the Wii fit sitting right in front of you and you still dont use it?! hahah

Good luck to all!


I have gotten word that Cadbury Creme Eggs are in the stores! Remember my fellow dieters and addicts of Cadbury Eggs......4 points a piece is NOT worth it! hahah

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 egg (39.0 g)

Amount Per Serving
Calories 170Calories from Fat 54
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6.0g9%
Saturated Fat 3.5g17%
Cholesterol 5mg2%
Sodium 25mg1%
Total Carbohydrates 28.0g9%
Sugars 25.0g
Protein 2.0g

Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 4% • Iron 0%

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well...........(drum roll please.....)

I gained ONLY 3 pounds after my weekend buffet binge! I am kinda proud of that too if you would have seen what all I ate! hahah And plus it just gives me WAY more to lose by next monday:) Good luck to all! And I am back suffering strictly on the diet as of today! hahah

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I feel off the wagon..........:(

For the weekend at least! I am ready to jump right back on though! I made some very poor choices eating at buffets both days this weekend with Lacy....does it count that I onle ate once meal each day?! hahah I feel like a fat slug again but it is nearing the TOM also with my included immediate 5 pound gain that comes along with it.....I am really stuck in weight loss hell! I dont know why the last 15-20 pounds has to be the worst and the hardest! This weight is not going to go ANYWHERE without walking I am positive........so THINK SPRING!

Oh yea I had a baby this weekend so what more to you expect but no weightloss???!!! haha Here is a pic of me and my new baby!

And here is where Baby Pistol Pete thinks my nose is a nipple..........hahah

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Losing Motivation and hope.......

Ugh! I am feeling myself.........if I dont start seeing some results really soon............falling back into my old ways....I know that that is bad because I havent felt this much motivation since the summer of 2006, but its sickening that I have been doing SO good and eating so many fruits and veggies until they are coming out my ears and seeing NO results! I know its the walking that Sarah and I did that one summer that pushed us to lose that 25 pounds and as soon as the first 40 degree day hits were on! I think that it makes it hard also that I seriously only have like 15 maybe 20 pounds left to lose and they are the worst! I just want to see 169 again, the lowest that I ever seen even the summer of 2006 was 167 and that was only for a brief moment, maybe its not possible to get any lower for me........I am destined to be a "fat girl" FOREVER! hahha

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things are looking up.........

Ok so I got my ass back on the Wii........I only did 15 minutes because I was super tired today and slept in for a bit and I was pressed for time.....Why did the Wii say that I had lost 1.3 pounds since last wednesday????( That was the last time that I did it!:() So curiosity got the best of me and I jumped on the scale before I took my shower and I have lost .4 of a pound just since yesterday! I did drop a large group of kids off at the pool this morning if ya know what I mean!:) hahah

I even went to visit some friends last night whom had just made a nice fresh batch of no bake cookies......After my disappointment of yesterdays weighin I splurged!............And ate 3 of them! hahha So HOW did I lose???? I swear WW is fucked up like that.........I just want wait to get walking again, that to which I see proven results:) The first warmer above zero day.......Sarah have your walking shoes ready!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Ok so today was my weigh in day....I am up by .5 or 1/2 of a pound from last week! HOW?! I did not cheat, I drank a gallon of water a day.......Its that funky new WW point system of 27 points a day for my weight.....guess what?! I knocked myself back down to 22 from now on! I am VERY PISSY! I guess I just should have ate them damn donuts that she had at work, I probably woulnt be any further ahead! Ugh!

Everyone send skinny thoughts my way!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its not looking good for me this week....

I obsessively jumped on the scale this morning before I took my shower and it shower a 2 lb weight gain since my last weigh in! WTF?! I have religously eaten well.....I am hoping that its water or something that will pass before tomorrow morning when I have my offical weighin......I haevnt been on the Wii in like 3 days so that may be my problem....... I am starting to get discouraged REALLY fast! And a damn Whopper with cheese is tempting me if I dont see some result soon! hahah One of the nurses at work even brought in donuts to work on friday and I never touched a single one! I hate that I have been SO good yet I seen no results!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I feel a little crappy!

Ok so I cheated a little last night by eating too much of a good thing! hahah Raisin Bran crunch was WAY too go to stop at the 1 cup.........so I fell off the wagon, I admit it but I am back on today and headed in the right direction:) Weigh in day is only 2 days away I hope there is good results!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I think that I am once again fighting ANOTHER cold! I just fought one off a couple weeks ago......I am SO sick of this shitty cold weather..........I am loaded up on Zicam and mucinex....Hopefully I can fight it off........

When I am sick it makes it so hard for me to stay strict to the diet, I kinda felt like I cheated last night eating a foot long turkey sub at subway.....I dont know why cause its all I had eaten all day.......Ok I hope I feel better tomorrow and can get back on the Wii!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I have concluded....

I thought that I would add a pic of my cute little man.....I gave him a haircut and he was shivering so he had to wear his little coat:)Nothing diet related just a proud mama!:)

That I am ONLY going to weigh myself once a week and that is going to be on mondays........I was becoming WAY too obsessed with it and then somedays I was being disappointed:) So look for my weigh in on mondays!

On another note I ran or I should say jogged in place for 10 whole minutes with the Wii fit today.....I actually accoplished a mile and a half.....who would have thought? Do you think this is really considered a jog? Who knows but I was sweating! hahha Off to work...........

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am SO done....

With winter! I pretty much knew this since the first snowflake hit the ground but now I am offically DONE! I hate this cold arctic weather that we are getting! And I hate the damn propane bill! Ugh!

OK enough of my negativity.....I weight in at the same amount as yesterday.....174.8.......I think it may have somet o so with starting WW online.......my points went up 5 whole points from what I was using............so I am going to try to downplay them a bit and go back to where I was still using WW online........I just cant imagine after YEARS and YEARS of being at 22 points for my weight, I have to eat 27 points now???? That says weight GAIN to me! I was lazy before work not doing the Wii Fit........which now assures me that I will be doing it tonight at midnight or later:) Until next time.......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weight watchers here I come!

Well guys I am weighing in at 174.8 this morning! Thats a pound loss from yesterday!:) Its gotta be that Wii Fit! hahah I am SO sore today after hula hooping and doing all the other stuff it has! hahah I joined Weight Watchers online last night to give it a try to see if it will help me....It was one week for free so I said what the heck!? Its pretty neato you can track all your eating online and I wont even need that new pad of paper that I bought for tracking! Ok so I guess my goal for this week is just to keep doing what I am doing.........

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the Final results for week #1 are..........

a 5.4 pound loss! I remained the same weight this morning that I was yesterday.....Damn that Applebees! Why do you have to be SO good!!! hahah I didnt think that a steak, mashed potatos and veggies would hurt me that much especially since that is ALL I ate yesterday and with all the walking that Lacy and I did up at Birch Run shopping:) But I did get the mashed potatos Loaded:) haha
Rj and I were up till 5 am messing around with the Wii fit.........I like how it tells us both that we are overweight! hahha In the run I was getting pissed trying to pass that damn guide! hahah

Ok onto week #2!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just knew it!

I just knew I felt skinnier! I weighed in at 175.6 pounds! Thats a 1.6 pound loss from yesterday and a 5.4 pound total loss for the week! My official week is not over yet until Sunday so thats not the week total yet! We will see what tomorrow bring though since Lacy and I are gonna head up to Birch Run and go shopping today.......It could be a good thing and it could be a bad thing........Exercise or possibly having to eat junk food???? We will see!

I got me a Wii!

Lacy had stopped into work today around 4pm to get her paycheck and her and Brianna came up to Unit 4 to see me and I was telling her how Rj had called all of Jackson last night to see if anyone had the Wii and/or the Wii fit and had no luck what so ever! The Unit secretary heard and said, " I will find you a Wii" She got on the phone called one place....Game Stop in the Westwood mall and they answered the phone, " Game Stop we have Wii's in stock, how may I help you?" So Lacy ran and cashed her check and stood in a long line and FINALLY got me a Wii!!!! Next Adventure.......Trying to find a Wii fit!They have them on ebay brand new for $135 so I could pay a little extra and go that route if I dont have any luck this weekend finding one............

On the diet track..........I did awesome once again on day #5..........I did eat me a piece of white toast at work with about 2 tablespoons of PB on it with banana slices........I have always heard that this is awesome and I had all the materials so I went with it! :) It shouldnt hurt me too bad:)

I hope there is some loss tomorrow when I log my post:)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pressed for time!

I dont have too much time to post a valid posting today but I will post that with my weigh in this morning I remained the same as yesterday at 177.2.........actually I guess you can say that I gained .2 of a pound.........Off to do some running before work!

I made it!

Through Day #4 and after the night that I endured tonight I am SO proud of my accomplishments of sticking to this diet! I just hope I wake up to a scale for the 5th day in a row with a 1 pound weight loss:) Until next time:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I almost cant believe it!

Well I obsessively weighed myself again.......I am down 1 more pound to 177! Thats a loss of a pound each day and making my total loss for this week that started monday a 4 pound loss! YAY ME! I also would like to add that I put on a scrub outfit that I purchased back in late summer early fall that was a little snug on me and I am wearing it to work today! Granted its a little snugger than what I would normally like but if I had gone another size larger it would look like I shit my pants! haha But today with my reformed confidence in losing my 4 pounds I am gonna rock it out! haha I am gonna post a picture of me and my outfit:) I dont know what is motivating me so much but I hope its this blog cause I am gonna keep on going with it!


Well I made it through day #3 of this diet and day #2 of a diet at work:) I drank roughly about a gallon and a half of water throughout the day and filled any craving with fruits and veggies......I dont know anyone that has gotton fat on fruits and veggies:) I am in the process of talking Sarah into joing weight watchers for real with me, I think it will help if I actually have to goto the meetings and weigh in.........Well I am done eating for the night and we will see what happens with the mornning weigh in:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And the lucky number is...

178! I weighed in this morning at 178! That is a 3 pound weight loss in 3 days! I am SO happy! I really think that this blogging thing is motivating me:)I am starting day #3 and I am starting to feel confident again......I hope I can contine this average of 1 pound a day........Once again I know that I am not supposed to be weighing myself everyday but I just can resist! And plus.........what else would I have to blog about??? We will see what I have to report at the end of the day.........Wish me luck!

I AM a rockstar!

Well I made it through day #2 and at work...........I was SO worried about caving on the diet with the leftover kitchen foods that they always bring down to the breakroom......but as of yesterday the state says," NO MORE" So thankfully for my sake someone is watching over me and my success with this diet..........I did come home and eat some asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower...........All good filling no pointers.........but I snuck in a light yogurt and some 100 calorie strawberry cupcakes! MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm!!!

So off to watch some Lifetime and we will see what tomorrow and day #3 brings:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wow! I have come a LONG ass way! MOOOOOO

I dicovered this pic taken before I ever lost anything way back in 2004..........I guess I really have lost some weight........I love to look back on thingslike this:)


Well I know how bad it is to weigh yourself everyday but I was SO curius after one strict day......well I weighed in today at 179#! Thats a 2 pounds weight loss ion just one day! I am usually happy with that for a week progress.......let alone a day! I dont know if its mental or what but I woke up this morning and even felt thinner:) Thats all for now.....I go back to work tonight and I will need all the luck I can get with them giving us food from the kitchen! I will NOT eat it.....I will NOT eat it! hahah Later!

In the still of the night....

Rj and I went over to Gary and Pattis and I managed to stay good on the strictness of the diet........Patti made WONDERFUL smelling homemade from scratch biscuits and gravy and they had TONS left over after their family ate.........Yep...........I REFRAINED! I munched on a biscuit and that was it! I managed to make it through the first 24 hours of the agonizing diet:) I did come home and eat the rest of my points for the day with decent choices of fat free yogurt, cream of wheat and oranges............YAY ME!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 1 of the Journey.....................

Well I officially started Weight Watchers up again, I am doing pretty good. My starting weight was 181.........That is a 12 pound gain since Thanksgiving. I am SO disappointed in myself:( I am going to cancel my gym membership, I am just SO bored with it.........I want to buy the Nintendo Wii this coming weekend and get the Wii fit, I just hope I can stick with something until the warm weather gets here and I can walk everyday religiously. Here is a picture from New years Eve of me..........This is how I look as of now.....

I went to Meijers and spent $200 on good food to eat...........mainly buying fruits and Veggies.......As of day #1 .........I am on the right track!