Sunday, January 30, 2011

Turkey Chili Pot Pie

Nom nom! And only 12 points for a 6th of it! Comment if you would like recipe;)
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Day 4: A place that I would love to visit

A dude ranch in Texas.......This has always been a dream of mine and some day....REAL soon I am going to accomplish it. The thoughts of the dude ranches, horses, the west, cattle drives, the list goes on and on......

Back to the diet world:)

The past couple days I have not been doing so hot on the diet, ALTHOUGH I HAVE been tracking and I have NOT exceeded my weekly extra points nor the 19 activity points I have earned thus far this week.....But I feel like a failure......So I am back to eating excellent for the next couple days, back to the gym for the next couple days and hopefully I can put this derailed train right back on track:) Wish me luck!

Day three: a photo that makes you happy:)

Well there are alot of things that make this ole girl happy, but my house came to me as the center of all my surrounding happiness:) I love my little farmhouse, farm and all the animals, all nestled on my own little red dirt road. I will admit....I hate the farmhouse in the winter when the heating bills start rolling in! LOL

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day two: a photo of yourself at least a year ago

This picture was taken last 4th of july at a campground up in the Grand Haven area, mind you it was a 100 degrees most of the weekend.....I look rough:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 1: A photo of me

This was taken about 3 weeks ago.....this is me....this is who I am!;)
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A little picture fun!:)

Day one: a photo of you.
Day two: a photo of yourself at least a year ago.
Day three: a photo that makes you happy.
Day four: a photo of a place you'd like to visit.
Day five: a photo that makes you laugh.
Day six: a photo of someone you love.
Day seven: a photo of something you stand for.
Day eight: a photo of something you enjoy doing.
Day nine: a photo of yourself when you were a baby.
Day ten: any photo you like for any reason.
Day eleven: a photo of a night you loved.
Day twelve: a photo of when you were happy.
Day thirteen: a photo of one of your favorite movies.
Day fourteen: a photo of your best friend (s).
Day fifteen: a photo of you and a family member.
Day sixteen: a photo from your childhood.
Day seventeen: a photo from a trip you'll never forget.
Day eighteen: a photo of your town.
Day nineteen: a photo of your favorite thing from school.
Day twenty: a photo of something you ate today.
Day twenty-one: a photo of somebody you find attractive.
Day twenty-two: a photo that you associate a good memory with.
Day twenty-three: a photo of something you want to do someday.
Day twenty-four: a photo of what you want to be when you grow up.
Day twenty-five: a photo that inspires you.
Day twenty-six: a photo of your favorite subject in school.
Day twenty-seven: a photo of something you are looking forward to.
Day twenty-eight: a photo of something/somebody that made your day.
Day twenty-nine: a photo of your favorite person from history.
Day thirty: a photo you find beautiful.

"Your life is not a rehearsal. Don't leave it without giving it your all..."

I love that quote! Well......Happy friday Bloggers! As I sit here after just rising out of bed post 16 hour shift the night prior, I am excited to head to the gym and see what I can do today.....I have received some VERY awesome ideas from an old classmate in highschool and I am ready to put them suckers into action:) After this weeks end I will have attended the gym for 4 sessions......which is very good for me since I have been going only 3 times if that with my busy schedule! Making my protein packed breakfast and I will be getting this butt moving!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Non Scale Victory for me!

I have noticed the past couple days that I have put scrubs on to goto work that they are getting loose again! YAY ME!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eliptically Crazy!

Today I went to the gym and I went eliptically crazy! I did 30 minutes on the Arch trainer and 30 minutes in reverse mode on the regular eliptical.....I am assuming that it was an excellent workout because I drank a protein shake after leaving and I still feel weak! Today is the first day of my 29 points.....I only lost 1 point yesterday but 1 point is an extra string cheese I could have had!:) I hope next weeks weigh in is excellent! I am focusing on cardio again this week as it work for this week, I have the weekend off again so I am gonna try to go with Chad at least 1 day:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!;)

This is the keychain you get from WW when you hit your 10%.....I finally got to add my 16 week charm;) I am officially 5 pounds from goal and lifetime! 165 lifetime goal but I am gonna goto 160;)
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Scale Victory!;)

I have lost 18.4 pounds since July on WW! I met my 10% goal today AND I am 4/10ths of a pound from saying goodbye to the 170's FOREVER!!!;) I am SOOO happy and accomplished......ok off my soapbox now.....
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Tuesday is the day

Weigh in....I dont think I was very successful this week.....from the numbers on my personal scale....I didnt have time for as many trip to the gym, I am PMSing, and I have been forcing myself to to munch on just anything! Grrrrrr But I do notice inches gone when putting on my scrubs so as disappointed with my weigh in as I may be.....I am gonna try to think about the inches lost:) I am going to goto the gym in between work and WW and walk in the treadmill for an hour or so:) Send me skinny vibes!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some cute diet quotes I discovered:)

-A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit.

-Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake.

-I've decided that perhaps I'm bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge.

-When friends tell you how awesome you look, drop the "I still have more to go" crap. You worked hard and you deserve the compliment!

-I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is fourteen days.

-You can't lose weight by talking about it. You have to keep your mouth shut.

-I have a great diet. You're allowed to eat anything you want, but you must eat it with naked fat people.

-When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won't dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because that Raid really doesn't taste that bad.

-Not afraid of heights - afraid of widths.

New yumm yumms;)

Excellent! Must try.......only 3 points on WW for 30 chip;) Thats my weekly hot diet find.....
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Im off! I am embarking on this diet journey....starting with today a BRAND NEW slate:) I got a lunch bag packed with yummy veggies and fruit (I LOVE HORROCKS!:)And home after work to make my famous salmon loaf and garlic mashed potatoes!:) Later on!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tomorrow is a new day...

Tomorrow. I. begin. again! So I havent slipped up THAT bad or I havent really cheated persay...Just I have not tracked and I have not attended the gym since thursday...... I have my lunch pack with healthy things and I am ready to conquer this beast! I may not see the scale move this week but I am back! Tata for now!:)

Lost motivation....

For a short while....past couple days to be exact:( I will be back tomorrow I promise:) I just made a $50 trip to Horrocks!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It makes it hard!

Its been a couple days since I posted but weigh in did NOT go so well....I was up 0.2 of a pound! So immediately I felt my motivation sink deep into my stomach:( I know it HAS to be the strength training that I am doing but if I worked so hard why does it have to be this way?! I worked 16 LONG hours last night and I only made one mistake:) I ate a ham salad sandwich BUT I tracked it and had the points to track it.....but BELIEVE ME I wanted to cheat like crazy with all the food and snack that they provide for the residents there! I am going to go back to PF with Rachel today and continue with my routine and back to WHS with Chad tonight and continue there.....and hope that some sort of success in the upcoming week will guide me in the right direction......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tick tock Tick tock

Couple hours and the results will be in!:)

Today is the day.....

Weigh in! I hate tuesday because of this.....not because I have to stand in front of a bunch of ladies and weigh myself BUT because I have to work all day....and starve ALL day! I started this starving bit back in July when I started WW and I feel like if I give up on it now I will be cheating myself......So I goto work....small both breakfast and lunch......come home and wait around for 5pm:( I am so sleepy and lack energy SO much on tuesdays it takes me a couple days to recover! I know....You ask why? Its a sick little obession I have and nothing is gonna change! So wish me luck and if I dont meet that goal of 3.1 pounds this week, PLEASE just grace me with a loss alone and maybe I will meet that 10% next week! This week=7 days= 100% OP!!! YAY ME!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ok? So even?

God took a day off....right??? So I caved and didnt goto the gym today....I had fully intended on going to WHS with Chad and Sally tonight and we got all the way there and they were CLOSED! Grrrrrr! So....I didnt get in any exercise today....outta my normal 10000 steps I conquer at work! So I stayed way under points this week only going over by a couple dipping into my weekly extras and going to the gym 3 days this week! Thats a steop in the forward direction for me:) So I am hoping and praying that I watch that scale at least decline a little this week:) WISH ME LUCK!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whew! I made it!

Chad and I have attended the gym ALL WEEKEND LONG! I am soooo SUPER proud of myself as well as Chad....I feel extra great and I know this is secretly killing Him:) I have 3.1 pounds to lose before I make my 10% goal at WW and I get that cool keychain that I have been longing for....I was hoping that I would meet that goal this week but if not this week for sure the following:) I went and bought some more workout clothes at TJMaxx today....They had a whole truckload of Puma shit there. I plan on going to the gym after work tomorrow and depending on Chad when he gets home from work whether or not we goto Western High School tomorrow night for workout #2:) Until tomorrow:)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nursing Hostage....

I missed my post yesterday because I was held hostage at work AGAIN! I am super duper proud of myself I must add.....I managed to stay OP last night AND I had Chad bring me subway to do so:) I have downgraded to a 6 inch sandwhich and a cup of soup instead of the regular footlong and soup! AND I was satisfied! Plans for the weekend are to get groceries and goto the gym with Chad both days....I really wanna get close to that 10% this week at WW:) Keep praying for me!:) Until next time!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day has come and gone....

Its been 2 WHOLE days since I recommited myself and.....drum roll please.....SO FAR SO GOOD! I have been exactly OP and I am heading to the gym at Western High School with Chad and his mom tonight! On another note I have tried to remain positive all week and I have pretty much succeeded.....but the week is not over yet! Pray for me to get through the week!:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welp:) 2011 is gonna be my year!

Ok So I am back.....for good this time:) I am been working on this weight loss goal since roughly about 2005, I have met goal once back in september of 2009 but I fell back off the wagon with the hustle and bustle of nursing school round #2....I am making this vow right now to not let myslef get to this point for my bachelors program:) So I am a hardcore, paying, meeting attending, gym junkie......I started at 188.8 pounds back in July of 2010, I weighed in yesterday at 173 even, Most people would look at that and say.....16 pounds in 6 months?! really?! Your wasting your time AND your money!!! I have cheated alot along the way and I have spent many weeks dropping only tenths of a pound, but here I am.....starting today I am gonna write in this journal to make myself completely accountable to follow that plan! So here I am:) Until tomorrow to update how today went.....