Thursday, February 26, 2009

I NEED a vacation......

SO BAD! I am on severe burnout mode at work and with school.........I know I know.....How can one be burnt out with one stupid Art elective class??? Well when you have been going to college for a total of 10 damn years and you are still gets sickening! hahah

On another note I am pushing through TOM and hopefully will come out on top come monday.........weigh in day..........I have been walking every day by myself.....which BTW Sarah gets PRETTY boring................SO GET BETTER! haha I am beginning to feel like I need to up my distance because I dont feel like I am getting the results from walking that I was in the beginning.........Maybe its all mental:) I hope that I hit the 160's this coming week as much as I have been trying to stay OP with this diet...........walkiing away from every cadbury creme egg that I see! hahah

OK off for a walk for the day.........good luck you guys!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little irritated...

Ok guys......for some reason when I goto post comments on your blogs it is not allowing me pops up with that spammer word thing and then the word never shows up so therefore I cannot post my comments! UGH! SO go to your settings and turn the spammer word off! hahah I think I have mine off, do you guys have to type a weird word in when you post comments back to mine?????

BTW.............I CANNOT believe that cadbury creme eggs are only 3 points!!!! This whole time I have been counting them as 4!!!! I havent seen the boxes of 4 yet.....does meijer have them now Sarah?

Amanda.....I LOVE that Fiber one cereal! I have it with Vanilla light soymilk though so maybe that is the difference.........But I have bought a box like 3 times now! VERY filling!

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weeks results and delicious grocery store finds!

Ok so you all know that I planned myself a cheat day on saterday, I didnt go too overboard but when I weighed myself yesterday I was at 174.4!!!! hahaha.......A 3 POUND GAIN! ugh! SO I pushed and pushed the water yesterday drinking a grand total of a gallon and a half to flush the fat back out and I weigh in with the results of 171 flat! Thats a .2 of a pound loss from last week! Plus I am due to start TOM any day I think its pretty good:) I will shoot for the 160's range by next week! 169.9 here I come!!! hahah I forced myself out in the early morning hours today to do my 30 minute walk for the day and I plan on making myself walk on first break at work today too.........I am officially addicted again!

I went grocery shopping yesterday when Rj was off and could help me carry them damn groceries in and found 2 amazing delicious finds.......#1 being the new banana nut cheerios! GOOD LORD! They are to DIE for! And you can have 3/4 a cup for 2 points! But I double it up and have a cup and half for 4 points! YUMMY!...........Then the makers of Fig Newtons have these things called fruit crisps that are 2 points for a pack.......I got apple cinnamon and they tasted like a McDonalds apple pie to me! Yummy! Oh yea I forgot one more.......I got Chocolate covered frozen bananas and they are 3 points and SUPER good! Try em guys! You WONT be dissapointed!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I tagged yesterday as my offical "cheat day" since I have been on WW for 7 weeks now and havent actually tagged one of those yet, Although I didnt cheat all that bad focusing on salad bar and chicken breast but I did have some dessert:) So I weighed myself this morning outta curiosity since tomorrow is weigh in and I am up 2.5 pounds from last week! OOPS!!!!:( So I am attempting for a rebound today as I drink gallon after gallon of water........heheh

I bought another food steamer today as the last one I had took a shit...........I love steamed food and its SO much better for you..........

I walked everyday last week at work only missing one day because it was super cold, so I want to keep up that average and maybe get a couple 3 milers in with Sarah and the doggies.........I am off tuesday and Thursday this week Sarah! And I can walk anyday before work too.........just let me know when you and your pancreas are feeling up to it.........hahah

On another note my size 12 jeans are fitting rather nicely........almost to baggy these days........and I think I have decided on my next tattoo adventure:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I might be in trouble.....

I am embarking on TOM less than 7 days..........I know it seems like I just had this issue but I am like clockwork..........Ugh! I wanted to hit the 160's this coming weigh in........Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We WILL.... walk our way to the thinner side!

Sarah and I have been a roll! It almost feels like the summer of 2006 again, only WAY earlier! If we keep this up we will for sure be at goal weight by late summer! It feels SO good:) We are gonna shoot for another hour walk tomorrow before work, lets hope the weather holds out!:)

Monday, February 16, 2009


ALL this walking is working like a charm! I weighed in at 171.2! Thats a 2.4 pound weight loss just from last week! Its ALL because of the walking.........I know it is! Sarah lets lace up our walking shoes and prep on our 3 miler for our lake walk! I feel SO good about myself but at the same time I am a little frusterated as I just bought 2 pairs of size 12 American Eagle jeans a couple weeks ago because they had all their jeans for $30, and guess what........I can slide the fuckers off without even unbuttoning them! So when you see me and it looks like I shit my pants.....This is why and I refuse to buy more smaller jeans just yet:)

Hope everyone else is doing good with their weigh in today........please post your success!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Small update.....

Well I am on break at work so I thought that I would update a little.......I have been SO good this week and SO OP! I have walked everyday whether it be with Sarah on our 3 miler of my 1 miler on first break at work.....I am SO addicted to walking again! I feel great:) Being addicted to walking also makes me stick to the diet better too:)

They are ordering Jets BBQ Chicken Pizza tonight at work and if you have never experienced this pizza before....YOU HAVE TO!.........TO DIE FOR! So I am SO proud that I turned that down because I looked it up on WW online and its 8 points a piece!

Ok I have to get back to working, I am hoping to see the 160's again by possibly next week!:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Tattoo!

Got my tatto that I have been waiting for for at least 2 years, it seriously too 3 WHOLE minutes! hahah On a good not that SI diet related.....I didnt eat much today just the good ole turkey sub from subway and a fiber one blueberry poptart (which might I add....tasted like plastic! NOt a huge fan here)....Now I have plans to go back and get the butterfly recolored and touches up and then some barbed wire around my horse......... I am addicted again:) Whose up for some tattoos??? hahah

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Damn this Rain and Damn this wasted day!

Yea thats right! Sarah and I had our walking plans cancelled this morning by some damn rain drops........If it were June/July we would have walked anyways, but something about walking in the beginning of February in the rain makes me cringe! So we plan on walking tomorrow for sure(weather permitting) once again..........supposed to be only 37 degrees and rain/snow mix...........Ugh! I guess we have to go back to winter again..........

On another note I always hang my jeans up to dry instead of drying them in the dryer because they shrink so bad when dried.........I wore a pair of jeans that I JUST bought last night to class and guess what?! I looked like I had a load of shit in my pants they were SO baggy! I guess I will start drying them to hopefully bring them down a couple inches! hahah Too bad I just spend $100 more dollars on clothes that are gonna be baggy! Ugh! The only thing I hate about losing weight is looking shitty in clothes and having to spend money on more!

I dont really care about going down a sizein jeans really.........I just want that pair that fits Just right! hahhaha Thats my goal!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shooting for that" Pair of Jeans that fits JUST right!"

Ahhhhhh WHAT a beautiful gorgeous day! I opened the windows and have been breathing in the freshness since 8:30a! Sarah and I went for a whole hour walk this morning with the puppies......GREAT feeling of accomplishment..........we lost the 25 pounds that one summer by the end of August and we started walking in May.....if we keep this up we will be skinny bitches by June! hahah We are walking again tomorrow (weather permitting) But we have walked in tornadoes before, not much will stop us once we get the mindset:)

On another note I ordered a bathing suit from American Eagle that I am shooting to look good in! I get nervous that the bathing suits come out SO early and I feel as though I HAVE to buy one or my choices will be slim to none when the actual bathing suit season gets under way......

Ok that is all for now I am going to go start some supper before heading to class.........

Monday, February 9, 2009

How disappointing.......

Can I make my weigh in day tuesday this week? hahha Damn that Applebee's on Saterday and Damn Old country Buffet on Sunday! I am the exact same weight as I was last week......173..........I was 171.something a couple days ago.......I walked for my 30 minutes today and Sarah and I plan on walking a couple times this week for the 3 mile........Next monday should be good at least:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Expecting results this week.....

Well tomorrow is the offical weigh in but I could not stand it and weighed myself this morning when I got up..........Looks like I was is the high 171 range so at least a pound of a loss from last week, I would be happy with that..........I have been walking my ass off....sometimes twice a day before work and at work.........Sarah and I went for a 3 mile walk yesterday around the town of Concord, JUST like old times, we are planning for a couple more this week as it is going to be real nice for February........The walking motivates me ALOT.......Hope for the best for all of you and myself for weigh in tomorrow:)

Friday, February 6, 2009

The AMAZING taco Soup.....

Its been couple days since I made it but I am still relishing in the left overs and I think its SO funny cause I am stinking Rj right outta the bed! hahahha I love every minute of it!

In other news I got my hair cut and colored today.....I keep going shorter and of these days I am going to be bald! But it just grows SO fast that I try to make it last:) She made me more blonde today too........VERY BRIGHT! Dont mind me in the picture, I am in my pjs:)

Thats all for now, I am making Rj go for a walk with me before I goto work tomorrow.......gonna be a heat wave!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am going to toot my horn!

I walked another 30 minutes this morning before showering and egtting ready to go get groceries.........I felt so guilty about not walking yesterday before work that I went out and walked on 1st break a WHOLE mile! hahah Took me 20 or so minutes.....I am starting to feel the walking addiction and feel guilty not doing so........this is a good thing:) I wanted to make sure that I got 4 walks in this week and I have 2 down and 2 more to go!

I made some yummy taco soup with every veggie that you can imagine! hahah Its super good! I will prepare for the horrible gas and bloating!

Supposed to be in the mid 40's this coming friday and the weekend..........I will for sure have to get some walking in!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Yummy diet idea...

Anyone like those powdered low calorie mixes that you put into water to flavor them? Anyone like grape juice? I found some at Walmart made by Welches, the actually juice company that are grape, black cherry and grape, and grape and pomegranite...........I have the cherry-grape and it tastes just like juice! I LOVE IT! 0 points up until 2 of them as they are 10 calories per sleeve........On the 3rd one it starts counting points.........

Ahhhh.........RESULTS finally!

What a relief for me this week! After 2 weeks of not losing and gaining it feels good to be 173 this week........which is a 5 pound weight loss from last week!:) I love the weeks after the TOM...........makes me feel SO sucessful! I used ALL my extra points this week too and I never do that and I feel like I cheated a little bit too.......I ate an entire 20 ounce cup of vanilla pudding with 4 oreo cookies broken up and mixed into it on saterday night at work..........I couldnt resist and it was SO good!:) Just imagine what my results would be if I didnt do that:)

The other thing that I changed this past week was walking.........I walked a total of 3 times at 30 minutes each in the bitter cold........I swear it makes a difference....My goal this week is to stay OP and walk 4 times..........I skipped today so tomorrow I will be ready!