Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh......The FUN we had!

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Thats right!:) Girls just wanna have fun!:) At least these girls do! This past weekend, some girls from work and I headed out on PLeasant Lake and drank fruity margaritas and had well........A good time! After all that sugar and chaos, I still managed to maintain the weight AND plan on weighing in next tuesday at the meeting and getting Septembers monthly WI DONE!

On another diet note:) I graduated to American Eagles size MEDIUM shirts! !:) I cant ever remember a time I was wearing a medium anything!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As summer fades....

Into Fall:) I love fall....The fact that winter follows doesnt excite me much but thats Michigan for ya.... I have been busy with the whirlwind of summer and havent kept my Blogger friends updated much so I am gonna do a fast and easy update:) I met lifetime in Weight Watchers on July 11th and I have just kept on plugging away:) I weighed in at last nights meeting for the month of August and I was 4 pounds less than my goal weight:) 2 more pounds and I am gonna forever say good bye to the 160's:) The cluster of county fairs kinda slowed me up on the scale going down down down:) But I really did try to be good as I like to attend EVERY single fair in the area:) The only one left is a month a way and I have to endulge:) lol

Sarah and I have a Florida trip planned from October 17th through the 25th so I have set myself a little goal to obtain of weighing 158# by that date:) This means I must reset my goal weight with WW as they frown upon being 2# above or below the set goal weight of 165#.....

Another non scale victory that I have accomplished in the past week is I feel like the only clothes that I wear are SCRUBS! Well even so...I dug out some OLD OLD OLD Size small scrubs that would not go over my thighs last summer, and they are fitting loose now:) And I am loosely into a size 10 from American Eagle, and I FINALLY busted down and got those expensive jeans from the Buckle that have been my forever goal since starting WW in 2005 initially.....Expensive as in $180:) lol And those babies are a size 29 x 33.......Who would have EVER thought! I LOVE YOU WW!

Other than the diet news....I have been trying to squeeze in the last few summer things I wanted to do this summer...I still need to attend a zoo....And it doesnt look like Michigans adventure is gonna happen this year...I am still gonna make it to a mudd bogg....

Oh and I got a Nook Color for my birthday and its the most amazing thing and nerd booklover could have! I havent set the damn thing down all month and I have whizzed through 3 novels! Great gift idea:)

Later on!