Monday, April 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle....And I'm holding the reins!

So spring is FINALLY in full swing and I am trying to enjoy everyday activities when I am not tied down to work or school.....Still patiently awaiting the results of the selection process of the Fall 2009 Transition RN program......starts on May 18th......I hate this last minute shit!

On the diet front I am really "Back in the saddle and holding the reins"......After about a month of a "slum" so to say I broke down and hopped back on the diet bandwagon and weighed in at 167.4 this week! Thats a .6 loss since last week and a total of an 8.4 or something loss since joining WW online back in January.....Doesnt that sound pretty crappy????!!!! I think so! But people are constantly commenting on me "Getting TOO skinny" at work and everywhere! FUCK THEM! Especially when it comes from someone who has NEVER been fat in their whole entire life.....I just wish for once they would have to feel what us "Fat girls" feel on a daily basis!!! hahah

So I am going to try to get some walking back in on a daily basis......The wind and the rain that we have been having is REALLY deterring me from any form of exercise, Rj was even laid off last week and I only got like 4 walks in due to the weather and my busy schedule........Ugh! Good luck ladies! Lets get back at this together!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I am doing HORRIBLE on this diet thing! I need you Sarah! hehe Cant wait till you get some time to walk again:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I think I have hit a.........PLATEAU!

Ok so I have lost .2 pounds that I had gained last week but I am right back at 168...........I am really going to try to kick this diet in the ass and get back on the wagon, even though I have been following the diet I have been taking bites here and there and "cheating" so to say and not tracking each and every bite......I havent been walking much due to the weather and the lack of moitivation (Its is SO hard to make yourself walk by your lonesome!) So Rj is laid off this week and I am forcing him to walk with me on the days that the weather hasnt ruined like today......So I am gonna knock everyones socks off with next weeks weigh in! hahah Good luck to all! Lets get back at this!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Someone explain to me how I can weigh in this afternoon at 167 again and this was after I had eaten already????!!! I seriously think my body fucks me every monday morning........... Until next time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ugh......HIGHLY disappointed!

Yea so I weighed in at 168.2......Thats a .2 pound gain from last week and a 1.2 pound gain from the week before.....I know you say that doesnt sound like much but I have tried HARD this week to bounce back to 167.......I have walked everyday but I didnt truly get back OP until Wednesday of last week....It could be numerous things:
- I had a hard time getting back OP from the weekend vacation
-TOM will ONCE AGAIN be next week sometime
-The mindless bites here and there yesterday at work of the Easter festivities
-The lack of walk this morning before weighin as I always walk before weighing
-The homemade cup and a half of broccoli soup at work yesterday..........

So I guess when I look at it like that I am happy with just a .2 pound gain........I am gonna make sure I have a loss this coming week! TOM or not! I am starting to feel like giving up again and its TOTALLY rediculous!

I am getting groceries after work tonight and I am gonna make sure I get LOTS of fruits and veggies, and when I goto Panera after getting my hair done on thurs I am gonna get the lowfat chicken noodle soup! heheh

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy weight.......

I found a thing on Self's website that asks you a couple questions about yourself and then calculates your "Happy Weight" Just google "HAppy Weight calculator" and then do the quiz to find your happy weight! Mine is 154!! I want to be at 155! Tell me youres:)

I'm Scared....

I have been doing really good since wednesday walking and staying OP.....I managed to acquire 17 AP's since wednesday.....but I am SO scared that I am going to have a gain tomorrow when I weigh in.......I seriously have drank a gallon of Sugar Free Sweet tea from Walmart so I am praying that will work as a diuretic and send the scales dipping! hahah Good luck you guys with weigh in tomorrow and I am thinking skinny thoughts and sending skinny vibes!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let the sun shine in!

I have been back on the walking/diet bandwagon officially since wednesday, I am a little nervous about mondays weigh in but I will rely on my walking and my drinking a gallon of water each day to pull me through....I am GLAD that I have to work all weekend so I dont have no Easter dinner anywhere!!! hahha

Back to school on Tuesday......4 more weeks of the BS class......still waiting to see if I get back into hell like Sarah......they better mail out the letters as the transition starts on May 18th.....Damn KCC!
Ok off for my daily walk:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sunshine!

This post is TOTALLY not diet related (NDR) but I had to post what I did today.....I did manage to go on a 3 mile walk with Rj kicking and screaming the WHOLE way! heheh
I am becoming addicted to taking pictures:)

Ok so I have tons of more pictures but I have chosen to not bore you will them:) Happy Easter! Dont eat too much ham!haha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am determined that I am back on the beaten path.....

Ugh! Can anyone tell me WHY it is SO hard to get back on track after a small vacation????? I have been SO bad the past 5 days!! I weighed myself today and THANK GOD the scale is NOT showing how bad I have been! I am officially back on track today counting my points and getting a walk in everyday......I cant wait to have some Sarah time walking!

Monday, April 6, 2009

If it takes drowning in water and starving myself......

Than SO BE IT! hahah So I had a wonderful weekend full of horses and FOOD! A fat girls dream.........But I had to buckle down last night so I could have a decent weigh in.....I knew I would gain but I didnt want to set myself back that much so I weighed in at 168! So I gained a pound from last week, I will take that with all the delicious food that I got to digest:)
So tonight since the power was out we are headed in to get groceries and get something to eat.....I napped all day so I never got to take anything out......But it will be the only thing that I have had to eat all day too so I MUST indulge!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I feel SO guilty!

Ok so I KNOW that I am going to have some sort of gain with my delicious weekend that I just endured.....Panera.....Olive Garden......OCB's.......Dunkin Donuts.......And McD's for breakfast........It was SO worth it at the time but now I feel like a slob! I weighed myself last night and I was up 6 damn pounds! I am steadily drinking my gallons of water hoping for maybe just a 3-4 pounds gain.....I will be right back on track for the following week though!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools! And I feel like one!!

Ugh! I am having the hardest time with getting my walking in without Sarah, I just cant push myself as hard and as far without the motivation of my dear friend.....hahah This weather does not help me much either when the sun does not shine or better yet when it does its windy as fuck and you eat every piece of hair on your head! I am bitter at the moment and kinda feeling a little down in the dumps lately.......This weekend is going to be bad with the horrible eating that I may endure....I am actually trying to think of ways to eat healthy while on the road.......Wish me luck! Mondays weigh in may not be pleasent!