Monday, March 30, 2009

This week and Month of March total stats!

Began WW 1/11/09: 181 pounds
Beginning of March: 170.4 pounds
Todays weigh in and end of March: 167 pounds
Goal: 160 pounds
Weight loss total= 14 pounds!!!

I weighed in after a week of TOM, late night bingeing, and lack of wanting to track my points at a whopping 167! I am at my lowest weight yet! I seen 167 once in the summer of 2006 but it was ONLY for a brief moment in time.......I know this success HAS to be from Sarah and I walking so much last week and me not seeing much result last week due to TOM. I dont know if I will have as much success next monday after being out of town this coming weekend and eating out all the time, I am going to try hard to behave and get a couple walks in this week before I go and blow it this weekend:)

My super Diet success secrets:
-Drink GALLONS and GALLONS of water!
-My new Reebok Easytones

Good luck guys!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am really really tired of this weather.....we get a nice day and then we get a cold day.........all have wind related! I just want a nice sunny day with NO WIND! Ok I have managed to walk or ride my bike everyday this week, of course this is officially the TOM week and I have been drinking the hell outta water, I weighed myself and I am up one pound from last week mondays weigh in. I am also doing bad with staying within my points the last couple weeks.........I am getting in that mindset that as long as I walk I can eat whatever!PLEASE help me outta this! hahha I am starting today being very good so I can have a good weigh in on monday! Good luck you all!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Battling the Bloat!

I weighed in at 168.2 this week, just a 1 pound loss from last week, but I cheated BAD this past weekend and I expected a gain........The only thing that pulled me outta it was a gallon of water last night, an hour walk last night and a 50 minute walk before weighing in! hahah Oh I went to Panera Bread for the first time this weekend and its DIVINE! I cant wait to go back and treat myself again:) hehe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kinda Nervous About Weigh In......

Yea so I wasnt so good this weekend and I never am when I have the weekend off......its inevitable:( But I did figure since Sarah and I did SO well this week walking like crazy people that it may outweigh......Pray for me to at least stay the same for yet ANOTHER week.....Speaking of walking my back has been KILLING me again, so I set out on a journey to find the PERFECT walking shoe (I read somewhere that walking in a shoe that is not intended for walking will cause backaches) So I find this Pair at Lady Foot Locker that are Reeboks and they are called "Easy Tone"......Designed to give you the " I have been at the gym all day" feeling and tone your butt, thighs and calves 90% better than a regular walking shoe......When I tried them on it was like walking on a pillow top mattress....So I buy them and Rj and I go for an hour walk and my legs are SO sore! hahha But these are BY FAR the most comfy shoes....But pure white so hopefully I can keep them clean:) Ok Off to make something for supper.........

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice weather feels great!

I have managed to walk EVERY day this week......3 times so far with Sarah and the dogs for our hour! We plan on walking tomorrow too once Sarah gets outta class.........
I hopped on the scale before my shower this afternoon and I am down a pound since weigh in......And this was a reading after breakfast and water, and less than a week Pre-TOM! hahah I hope I can behave this coming weekend off and have a little loss at weigh in, I wasnt feeling very motivated the first 2 days of the week........I have to get back in the mindset and the swing of things!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Well......Its better than gaining...

I stayed the same this week, I am 169.2........Which isnt too bad for not tracking at all last week, a trip to OCB, A trip to Cici'c pizza, and a cookout with burgers and chips yesterday.....I am back on track as of today and I WILL have a loss next week! Good luck you guys!

I swear under oath........

That I am back on the diet strickly as of monday! I have been SO bad! I weighed myslef 2 seconds before writing this and I am up a pound from last week and I hope after my walk and my morning poo I will at least be the same as last week:) Wish me luck! To be continued.........

Friday, March 13, 2009

I have been SO bad!

Being sick with this funk that has been going around I have NO appetite! NONE WHATSOEVER! So..........I havent been tracking on the homefront.....I weighed myself fully clothed and I was 168 so I know I am going to be at a loss from lack thereof eating but am I slipping since I havent been tracking what I do eat?! I am beginning to feel a little guilty in fear that I may be slipping..........

On another note I have found that pair of jeans that fit just right.....In size 12's.......Less than 3 weeks ago I could barely get these jeans buttoned and when I did I could not bend the legs AT I thought today, lets see what we have here.....and WA-LA! They fit! So now I am working on that size 10! hahah But some of my jeans that are 12's I can slide right off without unbuttoning.......Hmmmm funny how things work like that.....I hate being a woman!

Got my hair trimmed up today.....I swear I am OBSESSED! I cant stand for any little bit of length! Here it is:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AMAZING Diet Food Discovery!

Well I made the most AMAZING discovery in diet breakfast! These Jumbo Rice Crispies are amazing! Only 90 calories, 0 fat and 3 fiber in a WHOLE cup! Thats 1 point folks! So I eat 2 WHOLE cups for just 3 points! The texture is different but nothing that you cant get used to! Try them out!

Cabin Fever....

Ok! Its official! I feel better! So now.......I have the most horrible case of cabin fever! I know this because I cant wait to get back to work tomorrow and I am kinda glad I have class tonight.......This is a once in a lifetime thing and I will never admit such horrible things take this and RUN WITH IT! hahha I am kinda sad that its rainy and nasty and I cant go for a walk.........I have been so lazy and I want to get right back on track, but I also dont want to flare up this sickness again.... Until next time

Monday, March 9, 2009

Through all this sickness....

I managed a loss! I know it would have been much more than a 1.2 pound loss if I hadnt aquired this damn cold, I would have continuded to walk the rest of the week, I would have continued to track my food instead of just eating on stuff that sounds good........blah....blah.....blah..............So I weighed in today at 169.2! I was shooting for the 160's and I hit them! YAY ME! Saddens me because I was at 167 something earlier last week when I was being active and such, but this way I will be less likely to gain it back when I get to feeling better.........So Congrats all on your losses or your no gains!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maybe I am feeling a little better today.....

I kinda think that I do feel a little better today....I am throwing around the idea whether or not I will go into work tomorrow or not......I cant imagine ANOTHER day of sitting in this house, cabin fever is REALLY setting in.....I still have a cough but not as frequent as it was......No more blood.....but the goobers are still a comin and they are still infection yellow........hahha I know TMI! So friday when I did call in I HAD to maek something of that 70 degree day and I decided to take the baby out for a walk.......I look like a slob and so does he so bare with us!:)

On another note I did get the Blackberry that I have been wanting and I LOVE IT! I can access WW online and everything! NOTHING can stop me now! hahha

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little Under the Weather.....

Ugh! What a PERFECT time for me to be not feeling well.......I havent had an appetite so my weight loss should fare well this coming monday on weigh in but I have not drank hardly ANY water! I know! I am SO bad! I am trying to force some down right now....I know it will make me feel LOTS better and flush this sickness out.........I feel ok actually besides having no voice, my throat feeling so bad I think it should bleed and the horrible cough that brings up the nice little balls of slimy green goobers........I hope I can get better and get back on track come monday........Pray for me people!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OMFG! Tooting my own horn again!

So I get home from class last night with a scratchy throat from my time spent outside in subzero weather......I dose myself up with nyquil and head off to bed, I MAKE myself sleep in hoping to feel better......I finally get up around 930 and still feel like shit! My equilibrium feels like its way off and I just feel overall I pop me a Zicam and I slightly feel better......

I go to take a nice hot bath before work and I just jump right on the scale out of said 167.8!!!!!! Can you fucking believe that?! Can I hold that till next monday?! Probably not but I have for the 2nd time in my life seen 167........lets see if I can go lower this time around.....I have since switched my overall goal weight to 160 even........5 pounds lower than original goal.......... I know it was our walk yesterday Sarah! Maybe we can walk tomorrow????

Monday, March 2, 2009

The results are in!

Well after drowning myself in gallons of water last night, not walking at all because it was WAY too cold and the wind was blowing WAY too hard.........I weighed in with a .6 pound weight loss! I am at 170.4 now.............Just teetering that 160's mark! I am SO pissy about that..........why is it SO hard for my body to let me outta the 170's!? I couldnt do it the summer of 2006 either! Ugh! I am setting my goal for it for next week though for sure! I know I have said that the past 2 weeks but I am trying again..........I have been following exatctly OP and I am not lying to you when I say that I have 2 FULL boxes of 4 cadbury eggs that have been sitting on my counter since friday........patiently awaiting today when I can have one for success:)

Supposed to be in the 50's here in Michigan by mid week and weekend so hopefully Sarah and I can get a couple walks in out systems.........

Congrats to all this week! Keep up the good work!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Right down to the wire.....

Well tomorrow is weigh in and I dont think that I will see the 160's this week as well.........I weighed myself yesterday and I seem to be staying the same with TOM and all.....I seem to be staying the same weight as last week:( Well I guess its better than a gain but I have been walking my ass off! Ugh! Tomorrow I will post results!